DIEM Project

Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping

The Team

The DIEM Project is a community initiative. An assembled team with expertise in project management, biology, terrain and soils, forestry, and technical mapping has produced the ecosystem maps. The project team is advised and supported by BC Ministry of Environment ecologists at the Conservation Data Centre (CDC).

Community is central to implementation of the DIEM Project. Residents and businesses continue to provide financial, logistical, and field support. North Island College and Vancouver Island University staff and student-interns will participate in the field validation stage of the project. Community members are contributing local knowledge and field mapping additional community values and interests.


Project Leaders

Eve Flager:  BSc Geomatics; GIS analyst, mapping specialist. Project manager, digital mapping & technical oversight.

Lannie Keller: Read Island resident. Project coordination and oversight

Sabina Leader-Mense: Eldron Consulting, biologist, activist.  Science Adviser

David Shipway: Cortes Mapping Services, Community Forest director. Community Advisor.

Judith Wright: Director, Surge Narrows Community Association.  Project Facilitation

Emily Keller: MES. Media and communications


Technical Advisory Group 

Gregory Kehm: MLArch. Harvard. Gregory Kehm Associates, Vancouver, BC.; past program director Ecotrust Canada, and Regional GIS Manager/Analyst at the Nature Conservancy, Eastern Region (US).

Terry Lewis: PhD, PAg. PGeo; Terrain and Soils Consultant

Bob Green: MSc, RPF, RPBio; B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd.

Ryan DurrandRPBio, environmental and technical consulting,Taara Environmental

JoAnne Stacey:  Vegetation ecologist, Conservation Data Centre BC Ministry of Environment.

Tim Stokes:  PhD, PGeo. Chair, Earth Science Department, Vancouver Island University

Corey Erwin: Terrestrial Ecosystems Ecologist, BC Ministry of Environment.


Government Liaison

Beth Rees: Community Services Manager,  Strathcona Regional District

Carmen Cadrin:  P.Ag., R.P.Bio.   BC Conservation Data Centre

Tory Stevens:  PhD., BC Parks Protected Areas Ecologist, BC Ministry of Environment



The DIEM Project is for everyone with an interest in the Discovery Islands watershed, and many people are contributing to this community endeavour!

The first stage of the project has been funded by foundation grants and community donations. The project’s digital maps require ground-truthing, and community will provide field support, transportation and hospitality for the 2014 validations team. Community mapping local knowledge, values and interests is a long-term community commitment.

Since 1977, Surge Narrows Community Association SNCA is recognized for substantial projects that benefit the community at large. SNCA is providing the DIEM Project with support, including coordination and outreach, liaison with funding agencies, project monitoring (financial accountability, timeline, achievements), and logistical support.