DIEM Project

Discovery Islands Ecosystem Mapping

The Need

Local government needs ecosystems information for planning decisions, and community groups on every island are anxious for ecosystems information to increase knowledge and validate citizen initiatives.

Accurate ecosystem information should be part of every development proposal and review, yet BC’s Provincial government has not provided the Discovery Islands with a sensitive ecosystems inventory. Nor do we have an old growth management plan, identified ungulate winter range or wildlife habitat areas – all of which are supposed to be standards for informing land use decisions in BC. The Provincial government said sensitive ecosystems mapping could only happen as a community-funded initiative. That challenge and the obvious real need for information about our environment and human impacts was the beginning of the DIEM Project.

The DIEM Project is a citizen initiative that is also supported by our elected representatives, local government, expert professionals, local business, community groups, and other NGOs – all keen to have ecosystem data that is not presently compiled, mapped, or available anywhere.  The DIEM Project is leading the effort to acquire and distribute this essential information. Project results are being published online and available for everyone to use.